Fees for Services

Gottman Relationship Assessment- 90 min, -- $285.00
One of three in-depth 90 assessment sessions required for the full Gottman Assessment process: Day 1-- Couple history and video assessment, Day 2 individual interviews, and Day 3 review of the Couples Assessment Surveys and treatment planning.

Gottman Relationship Therapy- 90 min, -- $225.00
Couples therapy according to the Gottman Method. This is an extended therapy session which has been found to be more effective in a shorter total period of treatment.

Gottman Marathon Session (Fri-Sun 3 day weekend session), -- $2911.00
Marathons are 16.5 hours of assessment and therapy over one weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) plus 1.5 hours of individual assessment prior to the weekend (total of 18 hours). Contact Mr. Tucker directly to arrange a date for service. For more information see:

Phone Consultation

Less than 10 min. is free.
15 min--$42.00
30 min--$83.00
45 min--$125.00
Pay for phone consultation using the form below.

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